TIMS covers the following Telecommunications areas of interest:

  • Transmission Theory
  • Communications systems
  • Wireless Radio
  • Cellular Radio systems
  • Satellite Communications systems
  • Digital Communication systems

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Of the OSI Reference Model, TIMS covers issues related to:

  • Physical layer (bits) – Layer 1
  • Data Link layer (frames) – Layer 2

digital communication curriculum

TIMS Documentation & Course Material


  • Transmission Theory
  • Communications Systems
  • Wireless Radio
  • Cellular Radio Systems
  • Satellite Communications Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems

All existing texts and course material which use block diagrams, the universal language of telecommunications are directly applicable to TIMS.

The experiment manuals supplied with TIMS provide a rich source of teaching resources, from introductory to advanced laboratory coursework.

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transmission model - digital communication

TIMS includes three types of manuals:

(included with system)

All module capabilities and specifications are outlined in the TIMS User Manuals. Module descriptions are presented in a common format making it very easy for students to quickly grasp the use of any module.

(included with system)

TIMS Student Lab sheet Experiments provide a massive library of over 160 concise experiments, covering the fundamentals of many key telecommunications topics.

(included with system)

Around 4000 pages in total, provide an in-depth coverage of a broad range of both analogue and digital experiments. Included is supporting theoretical information, detailed experimental instructions and challenging questions. Each chapter also includes a tutorial section.

OPTIONAL: Technical College Lab Manual

This optional manual (currently 19 chapters) covers many topics from introduction to modeling equations, analogue and digital modulation schemes through to introduction to CDMA. This lab manual includes preliminary information, detailed experiment information as well as ample space for students to enter their answers to questions – both as written text and drawing waveforms.

Designed specifically for Technical College students with the right balance of theory and practical. Supplied as both hardcopy and on CD the package includes 10 copies of the manual and the PDF files on CD-ROM. Site license is included for the campus.

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