Multi-user hardware labs anytime, from anywhere   netCIRCUITlabs Presentation

netCIRCUITlabs – Hardware for Electronics Remote Labs

netCIRCUITlabs Remote labs system delivers real-time control and measurement of real electronics circuits online to multiple students, simultaneously, via LAN and the Internet, 24/7.

  • 25 or more simultaneous students per Server, with each student accessing any experiment on the APPLICATIONS board.
  • Instantly accessible via each student’s PC, laptop or tablet via web browser.
  • All connections between real components made instantly by very large, custom designed, low impedance, analog cross point switches contained in the system
  • Fully self contained, with inbuilt test instruments including oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, cursor measurements and full function signal generator.
  • Complete user control of all circuit switches and potentiometers.
  • Instantaneous selection of viewing circuit waveforms & spectra at multiple test points.
  • Typically 5 to 15 experiments per APPLICATIONS board. Each student can select any experiment on the APPLICATION board.
  • Experiments covering AC Amplifiers, Feedback Circuits, Differential Amplifiers, SCR Circuits, OTL Power, Amplifiers, Op-amp Circuits, Waveform Generators, Resonant Circuits & Filters, Digital Logic Gates, Combinational Logic and much more

The ‘hands-on’ approach of this virtual lab system builds student confidence and makes the experiment satisfying as the students are free to explore and learn. When they explore more, they learn more.

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circuit theory

Watch netCIRCUITlabs On-screen experiments in action

Please watch below videos for some of the netCIRCUITlabs experiment examples and features.

Voltage measurement using the Oscilloscope

Remotely building circuits with real electronic components

Remotely connecting together component outputs

Oscilloscope cursor measurement demonstration video