Multi-experiment Single Board Fiber Optics Trainer for the popular NI ELVIS™

Designed specifically for 1st & 2nd Year University and Community College courses.

  • “Hands-on” experimenting using TIMS™ modeling approach
  •  Fully integrated with NI ELVIS™ utilizing ELVIS virtual instruments
  •  Fully self contained with all required optical components, including optical signal sources, couplers, WDM optical filters & receivers
  • Includes voice and digital sources, PCM and TDM electronic blocks

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7 minutes video presentation


Topics covered in FOTEx Experiment Manual:

  • An introduction to the NI ELVIS II test equipment
  • An introduction to the FOTEx experimental add-in module
  • PCM encoding
  • PCM decoding
  • Sampling and Nyquist in PCM
  • Time Division multiplexing (TDM)
  • Line coding and bit-clock regeneration
  • Fiber optic transmission
  • PCM-TDM ‘T1’ implementation
  • Optical digital filtering, splitting and combining
  • Fiber optic bi-directional communication
  • Wave division multiplexing (WDM)
  • Optical losses