The ETT-101-23 SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO BOARD is supplied as a complete, zero install solution. One step boot-and-run USB thumb drive has pre-installed LINUX with the full GNU Radio.

A simple, practical student introduction to Software Defined Radio, with experiments implemented utilizing the popular, open source GNU Radio SDR software.

The new TIMS Software Defined (SDR) capability is a unique, plug-and-play solution with GNU Radio pre-installed. No downloading or LINUX OS installation is required. TIMS-SDR maintains the TIMS modular, block-diagram experimental approach, so the TIMS-SDR module is used alongside other TIMS modules to implement the modulation and demodulation schemes.

TIMS-451 SDR UTILITIES software includes:

– USB thumb drive with bootable LINUX Mint operating system and latest GNU Radio pre-installed
– Suite of analog and digital modulation/demodulation GNU Radio program examples
TIMS-451 SDR UTILITIES hardware functions:
– 2 x I & Q analog baseband inputs
– 2 x I & Q analog baseband outputs
– Dual, tuneable RRC LPFs, with LPF Fc clock output
– Data bit clock output
– USB 2.0 port and USB cable

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Detailed experiments include:
  • Familiarization with SDR software and hardware
  • TX with SDR and RX with ETT-101 hardware blocks
  • Exploring sampling and resampling
  • TX with ETT-101 hardware blocks and RX with SDR
  • Exploring digital modulation schemes in SDR