The Unique TIMS Software Defined Radio Teaching Solution

Quickly and easily introduce students to the world of SDR, with both software and hardware. Our experiment template files help you code your own experiments without tedious file downloads, Linux installations and compilation

TIMS-SDR Kit is zero-install, plug-and-play
Includes complete Linux and latest GNU Radio on USB stick
Unleash the power of GNU Radio with TIMS


TIMS-SDR is a ONE-OF-ITS-KIND Solution for Professors to quickly introduce educational Software Defined Radio to students, using the TIMS block diagram approach and the SDR interface offered along with the module.

What is included?

Standard, single-slot, TIMS-SDR Plug-in module for the TIMS-301C System

USB Stick with Linux and GNU Radio pre-installed

Quick start user guide and experiments

SDR UTILITIES MODULE interfaces to GNU Radio via USB port
Dual I and Q baseband analog outputs for generating
Dual I and Q baseband analog inputs for IQ receiver structures
Dual, variable cut-off RRC Low Pass Filters for reconstruction or receiver application

Comprehensive GNU Radio (GRC) Interfacing

TIMS-SDR Kit is a zero-install, plug-and-play, current-version GNU – Radio compatible hardware and software package which enables the student to quickly and easily experiment with the graphical GNU Radio Companion software tools in the TIMS telecommunications platform with real signals.


1. Avoid having to install Linux in a VM, or dual-boot from Linux
2. Avoid finding and installing the correct version for your OS
3. Avoid having to use a Linux machine and building to suit your version
4. No need for C or Python or GitHub knowledge.
5. Supported by an enormous open source community
6. Works with any GNU Radio compatible hardware including USRP™ and SDR dongles for further extension work.

To discuss your course structure, and the possibilities of integrating TIMS SDR  into your curriculum, please contact us now. We could give you a tailored advice on the best possible solution for your department.

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