This week, Alfred had the opportunity to represent EMONA TIMS as part of a selection of Australian companies reaching out to the current UNSW student body at a "Meet Industry" night held at UNSW. It was very well attended, by more than two hundred 3rd, 4th and Masters Students, from the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, who took up the opportunity to meet with over 30 industry representatives

What was particularly encouraging to Alfred, the co-founder of EMONA TIMS, was that numerous students walked up to him after recognising the photos of TIMS, given that UNSW is a "power user" of TIMS for over 20 years now. What they had to say was how much they love working with the TIMS equipment and specifically how easy it is to use in the lab: "We usually don't need to refer to the TIMS User Manuals because the TIMS modules are quite straight forward to use, but when to do have a query about operation, we are able to quickly find the information in the User Manuals. The TIMS user manuals are really well written". This is a sentiment we hear expressed throughout the world from both our faculty and student users, and its something we pride ourselves on achieving.

We look forward to working with some of these students in our internship program to develop current and relevant technologies for teaching telecommunications.

In the image: Associate Professor Julien Epps, Deputy Director of Academic Studies, UNSW delivering speech at the event.

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