Video Presentations

Please watch a short Q&A video about TIMS unique modeling approach, and info on the latest Remote Lab Systems from Emona. This interview was done at the ECEDHA – 2017 Conference in the USA, featuring Carlo Manfredini, R & D Director at Emona.  Please refer to the questions below while watching.

Question 1: What do you mean by a “hands-on modeling approach” to teaching? – 0:00

Question 2: How is EMONA providing solutions in blended learning/flipped classroom scenarios in ECE? – 0:35

Question 3: What new areas in wireless teaching is EMONA pursuing? – 1:33

Question 4: What value do you get from participating in ECEDHA given that you are based in Australia? 2:26

TIMS Introduction Video – 2 Min
Discussing the TIMS methodology to teaching & learning in the lab
OFDM in a multipath channel w equalization
Load and run OFDM on EMONA TIMS 6713 DSP
Signals & Systems Complete Lab Course
Convolutional Coding with BER
Overview of Line Codes
Bit Error Rate measurements using TIMS