TutorTIMS Cloud Telecommunications Teaching Software:

TutorTIMS-Cloud is designed specifically to help students learn about Telecommunications and Signals and Systems theory, though a purely graphical interface simulator, which closely mimics the way Emona TIMS and ETT-101 lab teaching hardware is used.

TutorTIMS Cloud uses the same BLOCK DIAGRAM approach to bring the teaching power of TIMS to your students both in and outside of lab time. Students can do pre-lab preparation on the TutorTIMS Simulator by creating their own experiments OR loading up the pre-prepared experiments you have provided them. They can do these in the lab, or at home before and after attending the lab, where they still have real-time, hands-on experience with the hardware TIMS systems. Their understanding is enhanced by the time spent preparing for their labs on TutorTIMS.

TutorTIMS-Cloud is uniquely easy for students to use. All TutorTIMS-Cloud functions are directly accessible at the front panel display. There are no menu structures and there is no syntax to learn. On-screen HELP available via the front panel switch. No programming is required to build TutorTIMS Telecommunications experiments.

TutorTIMS Cloud comes with 50+ building blocks which are equivalent to TIMS hardware modules.

The experiment capabilities range from basic Telecoms experiments through to advanced Signals & Systems experiments.

TutorTIMS Cloud is available in the following licence options:

TutorTIMS-Cloud Basic with Signals & Systems. License: 250 users
TutorTIMS-Cloud Basic: License 250 users
TutorTIMS-Cloud Advanced with Signals & Systems. Licenses: 5 / 15 / 30 / 250 users

For short-term course requirements, we have time-limited versions of TutorTIMS as well – 3 months licence and 12 months licence available with no-penalty upgrade options.


TutorTIMS Cloud is the New, Enhanced, 3rd Generation Simulator. Supported by a massive suite of documented analogue and digital experiments, your students can build and test concepts before coming to class and attending laboratory sessions and tutorials.
TutorTIMS is available in various licence options so that ALL of your students can have the ability to prepare for class as well as further experiment in their own time.

The New TutorTIMS Cloud is Simple, Fast & Easy to use. It works directly on your web browser for immediate on-line access. TutorTIMS Cloud is simple to launch and has no downloads and no files to install.

We offer Free Trial of TutorTIMS Cloud for you to Evaluate
  • TutorTIMS Cloud runs on your browser, and there is no installation or setup involved.y. TutorTIMS Cloud gives you a Zero learning curve experience.
  • TutorTIMS Cloud helps to easily build experiments with simple point-and-click interface.  For more details, please download the TutorTIMS Brochure from this page.
  • Contact us for a Free Trial now….
For enquiries and to purchase different TutorTIMS™ versions, please contact us.

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