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This years ECEDHA conference was in the picturesque location of Tucson, Arizona, and was well attended by a record number of attendees. As always, we were kept very busy both on and off the booth and our thanks go out to the organizers for a great show.

Our US representative, Shiela Woodson was on hand at the booth so we were well staffed to handle all the enquiries. This year our focus was on netCIRCUITlabs, our remote access electronics lab equipment, as well as our new SDR/GNU Radio module for TIMS.

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The Art of Electronics

Another highlight was meeting Paul Horowitz, the author of "The Art of Electronics". "The Art of Electronics" is now in its 3rd edition. Paul Horowitz was so kind as to give us an autographed copy for our workshop to complement our well worn 1985 paperback edition, which Alfred and I referred to constantly back in the day, and still refer to even now as it's such an accessible and comprehensive reference source.

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